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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Craving Matcha Ice Cream (Be careful what you wish for)

'Be careful what you wish for'.  A saying I'm sure you've all heard before.  But do you understand it's meaning and relevance?

It seems to have come a regular phrase within my vocabulary, in addition to 'follow your dreams, life is too short to have regrets for the things you never did'.  That one is self explanatory!

Photo courtesy of Daily Cooking Quest

Despite being a trained typist from school days.  This post is taking some time to type due to one of the side affects of  Chemo, causing pins/needles to finger tips in addition to pain.

Back in January 2010 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  A larger tumour was discovered and I was operated on immediately.

After receiving a mild does of Chemo via a portal implanted in my neck, I also received the maximum treatment of Radiotherapy.  The Radiotherapy caused a lot of damage and since 2010 I have spent several long periods in hospital, plus 3 more operations.

Despite being given the all clear just over 12 months ago in 2013.  I was informed last week the Cancer has returned and spread.  This time it is terminal and I was informed on the same day that 19 year old Stephen Sutton died of the same disease and also of Colon Cancer.

Please feel free to read on or skip to Matcha Ice Cream (here) if I'm boring you too much.

'Be careful what you wish for'

Before my original diagnoses, I wished for a flat stomach and a little weight loss , just like many of us do! Well that wish came true from the tragedy of being diagnosed with Colon Cancer and the affects of damage via the radiotherapy!  Important note - However, please do not be afraid of receiving Radiotherapy if you ever face Cancer yourself.  My situation happens to an incredibly low percentage of Cancer patients, it is rare and I just got unlucky.

Last year Mr. Grumps and I decided we would move back to UK.  There were several reasons for this decision and I particularly have been looking forward to it.  One of those reasons was finances and the move would have solved that problem.  Mr. Grumps wished we could remain in Spain, but this was never going to happen unfortunately (or so we thought!).  Due to many factors, his wish has been granted.  Both of us just wished we did not have to do so mainly due to finances.  That wish has also now come true due to the fact I am now terminal........................

Upon arriving in Spain permanently, we decided it was important to arrange Private Health Insurance, write new Wills, have Life Insurance Policies and become Spanish Residents.  The most wise moves and lucky we did!!!!

If you too have already moved to Spain, or plan to, please find yourself a good Ascesoria (Solicitor) and look into the aforementioned and shy, you may be shocked at what you don't know about the Spanish system.

Having taken out Life Insurances Policies has solved any financial stress.  The Policy we chose pays out half the insured amount upon diagnoses of any Terminal illness with balance upon death.  Now we will have no financial stress for the time I have left and Mr. Grumps will be financially secure upon my death.  He will be in a position to do whatever he decides.  So there's another wish come true due to tragic circumstances!!!!!

'Be careful what you wish for'

 'follow your dreams, life is too short to have regrets for the things you never did'.

My Dad died at the young age of 52 due to a massive heart attack.  Mum died at the young age of 62 due to lung cancer.  Neither of them carried out their dreams.  These plans were put on hold for retirement!!!!!!

Matcha Ice Cream and my Craving

Last week on the morning of May 14th I came across and commented on a recipe for a Matcha Ice Cream Recipe, posted by Daily Cooking Quest (here)

That weekend I was supposed to be discharged from hospital and was so looking forward to making this simple recipe as I was craving it so much.  Alas, it was not meant to be.

Saturday morning the Oncologist visited me in Hospital and informed me the Chemo would start on Monday. Three months of treatment, via the portal with a bottle every 2 weeks for 2 days treatment being feed in over the 48 hours.  However, being a strong treatment and not sure how I would react, the first one was to be given whilst in hospital.

I was also informed of side affects.  One of many was not to take cold food/drink from the fridge/freezer.  I must only consume room temperature  items throughout the whole 3 months.  No ice cream for me then for a while.


  1. I hope the very best for your health. But let me tell you that your work is amazing, Beautiful mesmerising photography!

    1. Hi Ami, thanks for visiting and leaving your kind comment, much appreciated.

  2. I came across your site as you came across mine. I love your style in writing, even going through what you are going through, you've maintained your sense of humor and shown your dignity. Beautiful pics also. God look after you (my God, your God - our God).


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