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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dying to Eat!

In a recent post I shared the recipe for Thai Squid Salad (yam pla meuk).  As mentioned this is one of those quick, simple and easy recipes.  Due to progressive health failure, such recipes have become essential for me now.

I also shared with you how amazing Mr. Grumps (my husband) is too. Since my original diagnosis with Cancer in January 2010 he has progressed from my best friend and husband to carer and of late, chief cook and bottle washer too.  All this whilst working when possible so as to provide some income.  He deserves a medal.

2011 1st outing after 3 further ops

2014 a few weeks after terminal diagnosis

The original purpose and reasons behind launching this blog have now turned around.  At that time, despite having already been ill, I wanted to simply log my cooking and recipes.  Now though, the recipes may be mine, but Mr. Grumps has become the cook.

Thereby, turning this little space on the Web into a legacy.  The idea being that he can easily find all his favourite recipes in one easy place.

Mr. Grumps making Curry

Since the Cancer was confirmed to be terminal we have had to make a lot of plans and changes in our lives.  Mr. Grumps now becoming the cook is just a drop in the ocean.  Truth be known he has always been a superb cook, just didn’t do it very often.

We’ve had to sort out finances too (amongst other things) which seems an endless task but it’s getting there.

A friend recently asked me what I think is best.  A sudden death where you have no warning? Or, a terminal illness where you have some idea of the time you have left?

How do you honestly answer that?  Like everything in life, there are pros and cons attached to each question/answer.  However, being terminally ill does give you the opportunity to put your affairs in order.

“Life comes with only one guarantee
 You are born – you will die”

I tell myself this everyday and it’s what I’ve told all my family and friends.  I’ve also told them all “I don’t want sympathy or pity; I just want to be treated like normal”.

They have all taken this on board and do just that.  Disappointingly though, there are two people who have been close friends of ours for many years and actually won’t speak to us since they heard the news!  Can you believe that?

Despite them, my family and friends are a blessing; they are the most amazing part of my life.  My husband, Mr. Grumps, is the most special person one could ever meet and my Mother-in-law too for that matter.  They have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you, you don’t need reminding just how much I love you.

2014 Mum-in-Law enticing Beaux into the pool

2014 Mum-in-Law enjoying a night out

This is not “good bye”, just an opportunity to record my love for you all.

I still have some fight left and fight I will, TTFN.

Bibs, xx


  1. I am SO sorry to hear about your illness, Bibs. I can tell that you have a great attitude about making the most of the life you have left and that's inspiring for me. I'm so glad you have such a great support system with your husband and mother in law.

    1. Thanks Bill. Your comment is much appreciated. I make every effort to be happy and enjoy my time left but it does make me angry too at times, but I hide away during those moments, x

  2. Didnt know about your blog, but now you have sent me the link I'm a dedicated follower!!! Your recipes are always scrummy, but what you have written is beautiful - and for those of us lucky enough to know you, know you are also beautiful as a person!!

    1. Thanks hun (must be DK?) Can always rely on you for support.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this, I am speechless.
    You are such an inspiration. Will pray for you, miracles do happen

    1. Thanks Raymund, I live in hope of a miracle!!!! Your comment and visit is much appreciated.


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