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About Tasteometer

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web.

A foodie that cooks out of necessity.   Life would be so much easier and better tasting with a personal chef to cook for me on a daily basis.  Of this I can only dream.  In the meantime it means preparing and cooking meals myself.

Alternatively, I would be happy dining out far more than my purse strings allow, so here we are back again in the kitchen.

As much as I am a foodie, I can't honestly say that cooking is my passion.  Truth be known being cooked for is my passion.

On a rare occasion I do enjoy preparing and producing meals, but that is mostly when we have guests to dine with us and I will make something special.  Happier still when Mr. Grumps does most of the prep for me and I just have to cook, sharing the load is far easier.  He rarely washes up though!

I can't honestly say I remember much of mums cooking, with the exception of perhaps a traditional Sunday Roast,  Christmas dinners, the typical Shepherds Pies, etc, etc.

What I do remember however, are the numerous visits with  my parents to their favourite Chinese and Indian Restaurants.  Hence my love of Asian food.

During those times I would talk with the owners and waiters, whom my parents befriended over the years and learn about the ingredients and recipes.

Mum never ever cooked Asian at home.  I think that was her ploy to get Dad to take us out, one of her better traits.

Over the years my knowledge of Asian food has developed enormously, but I'm no expert and still learning everyday.

I have very strong opinions regarding food and feel I've missed my vocation in life of being a Food Critic.

Having lived in Spain for a long period, I have been constantly disappointed with the food in restaurants etc. Not in general I have to admit, but particularly that of Andalusia.

It's all fried and smothered in too much Olive Oil.  Soggy anaemic chips seem to be served with everything and as for freshly perfect cooked vegetables, forget it.  If vegetables are served at all they will generally be frozen mixed veg, cooked to death and mushy.

Of course there a few very good restaurants here and there, but the prices are way over the top and mostly not particularly Spanish food either.  There are a lot of French, Italian and more recently some Chinese too.

The Spanish (especially the younger generation) seem to be particularly enjoying Chinese restaurants over the past few years.  However, Indian seems to be a bit slow catching on.  A few local restaurants will offer what they call a curry (mainly to attract ex-pats).  Steer well clear.  It's just store bought curry powder, cooked with cream and pretty damn awful.

If you are visiting Spain and want good food, North is the area to go.  There are many Michelin Starred restaurants there and with good reason too.

Shopping for ingredients in Andalusia is a challenge too.  The quality is generally not good.  They farm both meat and fish when it's far too young, therefore there is little flavor and even less to eat.  Lamb chops in particular can be dreadful.  Tiny, all bones and little or no meat, just fat.  Restaurants tend to cook them to death too.  No sign of red and juicy here I'm afraid.

Looking for a good steak?  Be very aware when buying beef, as it not what it seems.  That labelled as Filete is not in fact what we know as Fillet.  It's chewy and cheap, not good for much at all.  If you want a good Fillet of Beef you must purchase Solomillo de Carne.  Very expensive and a good quality butcher (if you can find one) is the key here.

Bread is my all time rant.  It's often sweet, crusts that make the roof of your mouth sore and really not good in general.  Give me good English bread any day.

Trips back to UK were always a delight.  Good food, good restaurants etc etc.  Give me quality ingredients and I'm happy.

I have so much more I could say but fear I've bored the life out of you already, so..........

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