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Restaurant Reviews 

Restaurant reviews provide an informative customers opinion.  All reviews however are the personal opinion of the diner.  For example, I have read reviews provided by others which I totally disagree with!

When it comes to "good food" I will often find myself in a disagreement over the definition.  I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who say "We had a fabulous meal at ........... restaurant and highly recommend it".  Whilst I am thinking how bad the food is and neither go back, nor recommend it.

Yes, I am critical to a point.  When paying good money for a meal, I expect to be given good quality, fresh ingredients.  Perfectly cooked/presented and leave me wanting more.

The service too should be perfectly executed by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Personally, I will not review any establishment that does not deserve the publicity and recognition.   If my high expectations are not met, no review will be published on the Tasteometer blog, it's that simple.

Hotel Restaurante Alberdini, Competa, Malaga, Spain 
Restaurant Review of La Plaza, Canillas de Albaida, Malaga,Spain

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